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My ongoing academic research focuses mostly on Spinoza and surrounding figures of the Early Modern and Enlightenment periods. However, as Spinoza’s Ethics 2.0 attests, I am also quite interested in digital humanities, and the relationship between digital and traditional methods in historical and contemporary philosophy and research.

In addition, I co-founded the Spinoza Society of Canada with the aim of facilitating greater connections between Spinoza scholars both across Canada and between Canada and the rest of the world. For the first few years of its existence, we held our annual meeting at the CPA Congress and put together symposia and other events, including a special session at the APA. We are currently on a bit of a hiatus while we work out the future of the society.

I am an avid distance runner competing recreationally in everything from 5Ks to Marathons. I most recently qualified for and completed the 127th Boston Marathon. You can follow me on Strava.

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